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I really had no one to exchange ideas with during my first years of motherhood. Ok, let me rephrase it. Other than my husband, I had no one who's physically there. My mom's house is in city while we lived in the suburbs which is 2 hours away. Besides, her parenting style was so traditional and different from the way I wanted mine to be. My friends weren't of much help either. We were all first-time moms who are busy with our day jobs and chores that we weren't able to find time to see each other and catch up.

Most of the parenting ideas I got were from parenting forums and email groups I joined in the worldwide web. I got to exchange ideas with other moms not only from here in the Philippines but from other parts of the globe. It was fun and enlightening because I discovered that most of my concerns were also the same concerns of other moms regardless of culture or race. Some were even younger than me but their knowledge in motherhood and parenting are unbelievable. Truly, most of the things I needed to know about parenting and motherhood, I learned from real moms in these forums and email groups.

I got to make virtual friends, too. Like me, some have evolved from forum participants to mommy bloggers even way back in the early years when the term "blogging" was still unfamiliar to many. Our kids our older now but we still follow each others' blogs. It's nice to realize that we actually got to witness each of our kids' growing up years only by reading our parenting chronicles.  (We also laugh at each other's early blog post, hahaha!)  The Internet rocks, don't you agree?

If you want to join a parenting forum, you can start by visiting Mom Forum or Smart Parenting (for Filipina moms). You can't imagine the wealth of information that you can learn from our fellow moms. Enjoy and let me know how it goes!

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  1. blessings of the internet! i remember when my first born was just a baby and we didn't have internet connection at home. it was so different from my 2nd baby when we had internet connection already. 

  2. That's what new generation moms are. We are empowered by technology! :)


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