Nosebleed remedy

Yesterday, my nose bled. Literally. The last time I had a nosebleed was like way back when I was a child. Rap said I've been writing too much English articles that's why my nose bleed, hahaha! Nah, it's definitely because of the hot weather.

The warm, dry air causes the nasal membranes to crack and bleed. A sudden change in weather, from cold to hot, can also trigger nosebleeds. I just got out of the shower and dressed up inside the bathroom so probably that's what triggered my nose bleed.

Sadly, there will me more warm days ahead. Today, the forecast is around 36° C tomorrow so be sure to keep yourself cool. It's better to stay indoors and out of the sun especially if you have airconditioning. When outdoors, be sure that there's an outdoor ceiling fan with a mist to help keep you cool.

Contrary to what many people believe, you shouldn't tilt your head upward when your head is bleeding. Doing so can have you choking on your blood because it will go all the way down to your throat. Instead, apply lightly pinch your nostrils using your thumb and index finger to help stop bleeding. Do this for not less than 5 minutes or until the bleeding stops.

Be careful in cleaning your nose after because you might scrape your nasal membranes and once again trigger bleeding. Use a soft, damp towelette to clean your nostrils of the dried up blood.

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