The games of my childhood

Don't you think we had a better childhood than what our kids have nowadays? I do. My siblings and I didn't have gadgets and computers. We didn't even toys that are battery operated and remote controlled. But my brothers shared a bike with each other. I had a stock of tin cans and plastic milk scoopers that I used for make pretend cooking. We had a big blanket that "magically" brings us to Egypt. Best of all, we had a dad who would enjoy telling us stories in the veranda at night.
We lived in an apartment compound where the kids knew each other. We would gather all our coins and buy a bag of chips to share with everyone. We would play patintero until dusk or until our aunt threatens us with the walis tambo. It's always the latter, hahaha! We would play in the rain and we would gang up on the kids from the other street. Oh, how I miss those good times!

My boy has his gadgets but he doesn't have friends to play with in our village. I think they're also holed up in their homes playing with their own gadgets. Sadly, my son only gets to experience playing real games with other kids when we are on vacation in the province. During times of boredom, he would wish that he has brothers to play with. That's why he's happier in school because he can run around with his classmates.

Wii, Playstation, and xbox deals are tempting to buy for our kids. I am guilty of this. And I feel bad that we didn't have enough time to expose Rap in real games. This summer, my goal is at least to teach him to ride a bike. I may also ask my husband to play with us because we need at least 3 players in patintero, Chinese garter, and tamaang tao. Most importantly, I would tell him stories in the moonlight like how my father did when we were younger.

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  1. I feel the same way. Heck sometimes they bring the gadgets outside. I do manage to squeeze in a game of hide and seek or tag with my kids sometimes.

  2. I totally agree. Heck sometimes they even bring the gadgets outside. I do manage to get a game of tag or hide and seek in with my kids from time to time


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