Hurray for teachers!

Before I went into freelance online work, I was once a pre-school teacher. Teaching in pre-school taught me how to shake and wiggle to Circle Time songs. It taught me how to properly take away the pain with a magic kiss. It showed me how to fish in a pretend lake with fishes named Angela, Seth, Enzo, and Alliyah. Most of all, it taught me how to be the loving and kind superwoman the kids taught I was.

Oh, I how I loved teaching. But I never fully appreciated the role until I became a teacher myself. My mom was a teacher and she taught until her retirement years. I think, having a teacher for a mom made me take teachers for granted, LOL! I didn't realize that, like my parents, they had a big role in whatever I am today. Sometimes, it makes me feel bad that I didn't get to thank the teachers who made an impact in my life.

Teaching is one of the most underappreciated job in the world, don't you agree? So it makes me hopeful to see that there are still lots of young people today who choose to take a Bachelor of Education degree. I wish that they will be as tireless and patient as the ones before them.

Have you ever taught of getting a degree in teaching? Well, it's never too late to take one. I, for example, took my education courses when Rap started schooling. I am glad that I did. I took a Masters Degree in Education major in Language and Literature Education from UP Open University. It was perfect for a 24-hour mom like me because it's online.

By the way, for those in Canada, Nipissing University in Ontario also offers Bachelor of Education. The university accepts all qualified candidates which also include aborigines, members of minorities,and persons with disabilities. Just visit their site, for more details.

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  1. kaya pala ang galing mo gumawa ng reviewer. i have very little patience so never ko talaga naisip na maging teacher. 3 of my in-laws are teachers.


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