Draw something!

I'm currently crazy about this drawing game I installed on my Tab. It's called Draw Something and I'm having a great time exchanging and guessing drawings with the boys and my Facebook friends. Could you guess what I've drawn here?

I'm not really that good in drawing and my experience in drawing is limited only to those I've drawn for my pre-school students, haha! Anyway, it's just for fun and I noticed that my drawings got better as games passed. Once I pass 100 turns, I bet I can even draw elegant cuff links with ease.

Do you have an Android or iOS device? Download Draw Something and add me up (mauieflores) and let's play!

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  1. sun burn? :)

    i think i am the only person who is not into Draw Something!

  2. i dont have the app yet.. ill try nga din for my baby..

  3. Think you're right there, Chris! :) And one time I was playing with my cousin, the word I had to draw was flamingo. I couldn't so I just wrote this on the screen "big pink bird." She told me I was cheating haha.


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