Jamming with Rap

After 10 months of piano lessons, Rap can now play pop songs on his piano keyboard, yay! I've been enjoying working on my computer while listening to him play his favorite tunes. Here's the only video I was able to take of him playing "We are The World." Like any regular tweener, he's become camera shy.

I'm so happy of my boy's recent development in terms of his piano playing skills. He's been searching for chords of his favorite songs over the internet then he plays them after. One time, he told me that he was supposed to be the lead singer of a band that he and his friends formed. But now, he's more interested in being a "solo artist."

Are you a stage mother like me? Well, I think most moms are!

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  1. that is really great! my daughter has been asking me to buy her a keyboard! :D

  2. a generous ninang gave Tiki  her own keyboard on her 1st birthday. She banged and clanged her keys  and even used the mic. It was NOISY and her singing spaced me out. thankfully, it conked out after 3 months. siguro bibilhan ko sya ng keyboard pag malaki na sya.

  3. we were fortunate to find one that only cost us 1K/month for 12 months. :)

  4. thats good. the earlier the better that he practice..


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