Progress Pre-school GOLD helps kids keep up in this digital age

Let's admit it, the world we are living in is fast-paced. It seems that everything is done in a hurry and the latest gadgets help us do just that. With that, even our kids need to keep up especially when it comes to learning. With the full support of the family and the school plus a well-balanced nutrition, our kids can do it. This is one of the things I have learned from the recent Progress Pre-school GOLD media event that I attended last January 25, 2012 at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street.

When it comes to a child's learning, focusing on IQ is not enough. “Intelligence is not just IQ but also memory, which is not just about remembering information but more importantly applying information properly,” says Dr. Maricar de Ocampo, a learning expert. Did you know that memories from the first eight years of life are stored as long term memory? Long term memory is not just made of happy memories but they also include the bad ones. This is why we should also strive to create happy, lasting memories for our kids to remember when they're older. To develop sharp memories, we need to help our kids open their minds to knowledge. Dr. de Ocampo suggested providing activities that require creativity and repetition. Kids should also be allowed to express their opinions on matters.

2012-01-25 Progress Preschool Gold LR
(L-R) Dr. Maricar de Ocampo, Ruffa Gutierrez, and Patricia Hizon
exchange notes on child learning and development.

Celebrity mom, Ruffa Gutierrez, was a guest in the event. She admitted that her girls are already techie but they don't have cellphones yet and are allowed only an a hour a day of computer use. Ruffa dreams of sending her girls to ivy league universities that's why she strongly encourages them to read and write the old-fashioned way. Meanwhile, host Patricia Hizon shared that her boys' computer/gadget use depend on the amount of hours they spend on doing sports so she can be sure that they still stay physically fit. Neat, huh!

Child development expert, Dr. Sabrina Tan, advised parents to raise kids who will be well-balanced individuals even in this digital age. This can be done by ensuring that the "triad of success" is met in terms of child development. This triad includes the child's cognitive, social, and emotional skills. She tells parents to use technology to their advantage like using educational software to enhance learning. However, she also warns parents to be wary of overuse so as to avoid having their kids become couch potatoes.

Progress Pre-school GOLD's Biofactors System helps kids keep up in this digital age by providing nutrition for optimum development of a child's mental and visual skills, growth, immunity, digestion. It's newly reformulated to provide at least 100% of the RENI for Vitamin A, Iron, Iodine and Zinc, and meets 100% of Vitamin D requirement according to the standards of the American Academy of Pediatrics with the recommended servings of two to three times per day. Progress Pre-school GOLD also has taurine, choline, selenium, oligofructose, nucleotides, vitamin k, inositol, and manganese.

Technology has made parenting and raising kids more challenging than ever, don't you agree? Then again, the trick is to keep a balance between learning, active play, and nutrition so kids can be always at their peak performance. As long as this balance is met, there's no stopping your kid's progress!

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  1. I hope someday Tiki will eventually develop a taste for milk formula. 

  2. my son's milk is Nido but because of your post I think next time we will try Progress Gold

  3. i agree! there should always be a balance of everything and nutrition should not be left behind.

  4. PROMIL GOLD Four 3+ that is good for my 7 years old son?


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