Happy New Year from my family to yours!

How was your New Year's Eve celebration? Ours was more simple compared to our Christmas Eve celebration. Only my sister, my brother, and their children celebrated New Year's Eve with us. This year, we decided to just stay at home unlike the other years when we welcomed the new year at Eastwood City.

I went to the public market early in the morning to buy torotot (trumpets/horns) for the kids to use in the evening. Then I went to the grocery to buy the food and fruits that we'll be having for Media Noche. I had wanted to buy all the fruits in the market but the stalls were already crowded with people. Thankfully, I was able to buy all 12 fruits in Robinsons Supermarket.

I cooked Pasta Aglio Oglio for long life), Sweet and Sour Meatballs (rounded foods for luck), and Tikoy (sticky food to keep the family togetgher). I also prepared breaded fish sticks, pineapple glazed ham, and coffee jelly for dessert. We chilled a bottle of sweet wine for our toast while the young boys had Cali Shandy.

When midnight came, we all went out to light and watch the fireworks outside. The torotot that I bought also came in handy.

Then, as instructed by my sister, we rolled mandarin oranges from the main door towards the center of the house. The mandarin oranges were then collected and are now hanging above the main door. It's also supposed to bring in good luck.

Lastly, I showered coins from the main door going towards the center of our home. Again, this is for good fortune. The kids were definitely happy of the loot they collected after!

I hope you enjoyed New Year's Eve with your loved ones. May we all have a prosperous and worry-free 2012!

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  1. happy new year  too! we spent new year in our home, me, my husband and my son.

  2. we spent our xmas sa hubby's side kasi bday nya at the same time reunion ng clan nila.. hihi very happy and always looking forward again..


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