Ugly Christmas sweaters, anyone?

I was under the impression that Christmas sweaters are one of those infamously popular Christmas gifts. I remember one scene in a Harry Potter movie (not sure what installment that was) when Ron received a Christmas sweater from his mum and he did not like it. Well, guess what? These supposedly "ugly" Christmas sweaters are selling like hotcakes online!

birfday party-1-7
Photo: “birfday party-1-7” by Emily Killian Molina, c/o Flickr. Some Rights Reserved

Apparently, ugly Christmas sweaters are selling for at least 18 USD to as much as 80 USD as the sweater becomes uglier and more embellished. Now, that makes me interested in homemade knitting gift ideas, haha! Ugly Christmas Sweater-themed parties are to blame for the sudden craze, the online sellers say. Who knew making fun of Granma's Christmas gift would be such a hit, huh?

If you've got a lot of time in your hands for crafts, better buy a invest in a knitting set now so you can practice making ugly sweaters for next Christmas. Don't forget to make one for me! I'd love to throw an Ugly Christmas Sweater party next year with friends!

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  1. the ugly sweats party sounds fun!! would try that as soon as i have one.. hihihih

  2. I don't really wear sweater since the climate here in the Philippines is hot, But I did buy (jacket) last week since its quite getting colder as  chrismas approaches. 


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