Don't you love YouTube?

I can spend so many hours watching YouTube especially on good days when my Internet connection isn't wonky. I usually watch music videos and add them to a playlist. I also subsribed to YouTube celebrities such as Mikey Bustos and make-up goddess, Michelle Phan.

And of course, I upload and watch our family videos. Here's Rap's speech during their school's Linggo ng Wika contest. He won 2nd prize, by the way!

YouTube has become my online archive of our family videos. It has become very convenient for us to watch our videos especially now that we can access YouTube on our Sony Internet TV. It has also helped me to easily share our videos to our relatives abroad. I just hope that our Sony Handycam can last a few more years so I can continue documenting our family milestones on YouTube. (I'm partial to sony camcorders and I know Sony products can last longer than other brands.)

Are you a YouTube fan? Like me, are you also fond of uploading family videos?

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  1. It's actually my 5-year-old son who loves watching YouTube videos. LOL! He has been practicing lately in front of the laptop what he's going to perform in their school Christmas production using YouTube, of course. It was nice to chat with you during and after the PMC event, Mauie! Hope to see you again!


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