Avon Baby Shampoo, mild and tear-free

Global brand, Avon, is known as the company for women. From cosmetics, it has widened its line of products to fragrance, skincare, intimate apparel, jewelry and accessories. Recently, Avon has launched its very own mild and tear-free, Avon Baby Shampoo, which will surely be loved by mommies and babies alike.

Avon Baby Tear-Free Shampoo

Avon Baby Shampoo is free of dyes and parabens which is what I am always checking on the lookout for. (Parabens is are a group of chemicals which have been recently linked to the development of breast cancer.) Moreover, Avon Baby Shampoo is tested to be safe and mild by dermatologists and ophthalmologists. Ingredients are naturally-derived ensuring mildness and gentleness for baby's skin.

Call your favorite Avon lady to order Avon Baby Shampoo which is sold for only Php 240 (200 mL). You can also visit www.myavonbaby.com and www.avon.com.ph to know more about the rest of Avon's baby care line.

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  1. That's exactly what we need for our babies...only the mildest products...
    how I wish I had a baby again :)

  2. I've tried the Avon baby lotion and it really is awesome.  I would like to try this one also.


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