A Visa Debit Card Day in The Life of The 24-Hour Mommy

I dislike Tuesdays. My boy stays in school for choir practice so he can’t ride the school service going home. I have no choice but to commute to fetch my son from school. Since it’s already the rush hour by the time he gets out of the campus, we just wait for my husband to leave the office and meet us for dinner before driving home.

This particular Tuesday was the busiest so far. At the school gate, my son announced that he has a quiz and two assignments all for the following school day. Before he left in the morning, I already told him that we’ll have to take a short trip to the supermarket and to the bookstore to buy the materials he needs for his Science experiment. So we head to the mall to accomplish what’s needed to be done.

I knew my boy was already hungry judging from the look on his face and his faint whining so I thought of having snacks first. I found it the perfect time to help him review for his quiz, anyway. We’re done with all the eating and the school works in an hour and a half.

Next, we went to the supermarket to buy the materials he needs for his Science experiment. We bought three different brands of dishwashing liquid and sponges. I also included some grocery essentials that we will use for the week. I think that was the shortest grocery trip I have ever made in my life. Fifteen minutes tops, including the time spent at the check-out counter.

The data and results of the Science experiment will be collated and presented in a scrapbook. That’s the reason why we had to schedule a trip to the bookstore. It’s already seven in the evening and my husband usually leaves the office at 7:30. I told my son that we’ll have to be quick in finding the scrapbooking materials. In twenty minutes, we were already lined up in front of the cashier with the supplies that we needed.

By eight o’ clock, my boy and I are already in the car with my husband and on our way to grab a bite before heading home. I still haven’t withdrawn cash from the ATM machine for our dinner. Good thing, my boy found the VISA sign outside his favorite pizza place. We’re back home by nine o’ clock in time for my son’s bedtime.

Just imagine what my day would have been like if I did not have my VISA Debit card with me. My VISA Debit card allowed me to shop and pay without the hassles of falling in line in the ATM booth or carrying cash while commuting to my son’s school and walking to the mall. I just hand over my VISA Debit card to the cashier and sign the charge slip after. That’s it! No need to input my card’s PIN in the presence of other people. For me, VISA Debit is the easiest, most secure, and most convenient payment option.

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  1. I like your photo together with your son sipping juice :).. Oh like you I also use my visa debit card and it is very helpful in times I need it.


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