Practicing Disaster Drills At Home

How has Bagyong Pedring affected your family? We are lucky that the worst we got was only the ripped vinyl canvass covering our veranda. I hope everyone was kept safe and dry despite the power outtages that happened in some areas.

Water from Manila Bay rolled over towards Roxas Boulevard and nearby areas.

I was watching the news this morning where a post-Pedring assessment was featured. I realized that I have prepared 6 disaster must-haves and we have already agreed on a meeting place should we get separated but we still haven't got the time to practice a drill. What good is a plan if we haven't practiced it, don't you agree? I really felt foolish for not even thinking about this sooner. My boys have building drills over at school and at the office but we don't have one at home, toinks!

We'll be practicing one the soonest time possible. I'm currently devising the steps that we will take and here are the ones on my list, so far:

    During a typhoon:
  • Every member should immediately have the emergency supply or gadget that's assigned to him/her and keep it within reach.
  • We will each have an appliance to lift and bring to the 2nd floor of our home just in case there's flooding.
  • The pets will be sent in the house and up the veranda if there's flooding.
  • The houseboy will be in charge of shutting down electricity should there be a need for it.
  • During an earthquake:
  • No matter where we are in the house, we should keep ourselves safe under the table, bed, or under the door jamb.  I already told Rap before that it'd be better if he covers himself with pillows to protect him from falling debris.
  • Each will go to our agreed meeting spot only after the earth stops shaking.
  • Each will grab his/her pre-assigned gadget/supply to prepare for a possible aftershock.
  • During a fire:
  • If the fire happens at the ground floor, our escape route will be through the veranda where we can reach the extension's roof and go down through the main gate.  The, we'll meet in our agreed meeting spot.
  • Each should grab his/her pre-assigned item only if the situation permits.  I constantly pray that I can, at least, get our important documents because I still haven't got a metal safe for it.

What do you think of my list? I would appreciate your suggestions!

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