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I just had my first home service hair rebonding care of my gay nephew who works in a known salon. (I can't disclose the name because they're not allowed to provide home service to clients.) The results were great and it's the same as any salon rebonding. The best thing was, my total cash-out including labor was less than a thousand bucks for that session. To think that my hair is waist-length!

We used Ah Glow products (Php 550 for the straightener and neutralizer each at 300 grams) for the hair rebonding and Shine Moist Henna Wax (Php 650 for 500 ml). My hair only used 1/3 of both the straightener and the neutralizer and even the henna wax so I still have some for our next session next year. The expiration date is 2013 anyway.

I'm happy that my nephew has reinvented himself from being a server in my mom's canteen to a senior hairstylist in the salon he works for. He is TESDA trained and has also earned his experience through working in different salons. He saves money to buy his own equipment and I like the fact that he also plans to get a TESDA license so he can be an instructor. I know he has an inclination to teach because I caught him once pretending to teach to an imaginary class in my tutorial center.

I promised him that I'd buy him a new hair brush for Christmas. I'm just so happy that I finally have my own professional hair stylist.

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  1. hi! pede po ba makuha ang contact # ng pamangkin mo? papaservice po sna ako ng rebonding. thnx!


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