My Body After Baby: Pampers and The Spa help prettify moms

After the baby comes out, a mom is not only faced with the demands of having a newborn bundle of joy. There's also post-pregnancy woes, such as weight gain and acne, to think about. So, part of its "Pampers Salutes Moms" campaign, Pampers teamed up with The Spa to help moms get back in shape.

Hormonal changes after pregnancy can cause the skin to either be over dry or super oily and acne-prone. For these problems, The Spa suggests a visit to their Skin Dermatology & Laser Center for a proper consultation. Meanwhile, the non-invasive Thermage is recommended to get rid of the wrinkles caused by stress and sleepless nights. For toning of problem areas, Skin recommends VelasmoothPro that can reduce cellulite and contour the tummy, the thighs, and the flanks.

The Spa also offers Barre 3 classes and it is highly recommended for mommies who do not only want to lose weight but also to find the best posture and body alignment. I personally experienced a 30-minute Barre 3 class and, even with the aches and pains that bugged me days after, I can say I had a good time! Barre 3 combines ballet, yoga, and pilates and the moves help women develop strength, flexibility, and stability. You'll definitely need these especially while caring for the new baby.

Lastly, to help make it easier for moms to take care of their babies, Pampers offers a special line of diapers catering to each of baby's stages of development. There's Pampers Stages New Baby for newborns while there's the Pampers Stages Active Baby for the older and more playful ones. Finally for babies 18 months onwards, Pampers presents Pampers Stages Easy-Up Pants, which fit like underwear and have 2x the stretch around the waist for quick standing changes.

With all the help for Pampers and The Spa, I'm sure mommies will not have any problems getting back in shape.

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  1. This is really good news for both Mommy and baby! Thanks, sis, for commenting on my Levytate post.


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