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Looking for a sphygmomanometer

9:13 PM

These past two weeks, I've been in and out of the doctor's clinic. The day I had my rashes checked, my recorded blood pressure was 140/100. My doctor requested a blood chemistry procedure for me and it showed that my cholesterol levels are within the normal range. After a week, my blood pressure is still 140/100 even with the normal results so my doctor prescribed medications with a special instruction for me to monitor my blood pressure at home for a month.

That is actually my problem right now. I don't have a sphygmomanometer at home. I'm thinking of buying an electronic one so I won't need to buy a stethoscope, too. I already found some online (while I also browsed through pages of hot tub covers at and the price range is from 3 to 5 thousand pesos. It's pricey but I think it's worth it. Although, I would appreciate more inexpensive choices such as second-hand units. Would you have any recommendations?

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