Joey Prats' Signature Desserts

I recently attended a baking demo where Chef Joey Prats shared his signature desserts using Tulip Chocolate. He baked Walnut Fudge Brownies and Natillas topped with strawberries. The desserts were, as he promised, to die for. And being diabetic, it is literally as such for me. Sorry doc, I took a few bites because I wasn't able to resist the temptation.

Chocolate cupcake with ganache butter cream frosting
Chef Joey's Ultramoist Chocolate Cake with
White Chocolate Ganache Buttercream

Who wouldn't be tempted by something as sinfully yummy as this?

You can now bake Chef Joey's Ultramoist Chocolate Cake and Ultrafudgy Brownies at home with his baking mixes. All you'll need to add are eggs and canola oil and everything is easy peasy because the instructions are designed for baking noobs like me.

2011-07-05 Chef Joey Prats Baking Demo LowRes (6)
These mixes are available at Gourdo's.

I baked brownies today using the mix and they were as yummy and fudgy as the ones we ate in class!

Nope, there's no stopping this Brownie Monster!

I'm inspired to bake again because of these easy to make baking mixes. This is indeed bad news for my diet. Do you know of any fat burners that work fast? I think I'll need them asap.

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  1. the chocolate cake is really tempting! do they sell cakes?

  2. I think Chef Joey does. He also holds baking classes. You can find his contact details here:

  3. You had me at ultramoist!!! I will look for Chef Joey's cake mix!

  4. available at chocolate lover cubao, carla's sucat and bakemasters sucat


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