The 24-Hour Mommy: Digital Sphygmomanometer for 2.5K


Digital Sphygmomanometer for 2.5K

10:04 PM

I finally have a digital blood pressure monitor at home and I bought it at Mercury Drug, Shangri-la Plaza mall for 2,500 pesos. The one I bought has the most basic digital sphygmomanometer features but it's fine with me as long as I will not need a stethoscope in getting my BP. Frankly, I've already forgotten how to use the manual sphygmomanometer.

I've been to this branch a hundred times because it's near my son's school but I never thought that they have a lot of medical equipments for sale. The digital blood pressure monitor alone already has 5 models to choose from. I think the price is fair enough and it also saved me a trip to Bambang.

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