A Night at The Airport

We were part of the unlucky travelers whose flights were cancelled last June 8 because of the heavy rains that came in the country. Initially, our 3:20 pm flight to Naga City was delayed for more than an hour. Then, once on the plane, we had to wait for another half hour on the runway because of the air traffic of incoming and outgoing flights. We had to disembark the aircraft a few minutes before 6 because of "sunset limitation." Apparently, the runway in Naga Airport is not lighted and it's not advisable to land after sunset.

We decided to have our flight re-booked to the earliest flight the following day (8:50am) and to spend a night in a budget hotel nearby. However, since 34 flights have been cancelled that day, all of the hotels were fully booked. It was already late and, with the heavy rains that night, we were sure to spend the night in a taxi cab should we decide to go home.

Since we had to go to the airport early the following day, we just decided to stay there and wait for our boarding time. We found a spot where the seats were cushioned and an electric outlet was nearby. It was all we needed to survive the night. Besides, we enjoyed the "adventure" we were having. It was the first time for me and my boy while my husband has been used to long waiting times at the airport during his travels.

We're now in Naga City and we're busy preparing for my niece's debut. The weather when we arrived was a total contrast from the weather in Manila. It was cloudy but not raining. We're thankful that we arrived here safely.

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