SqwishLand.com Pinoy Contest

Pinoy kids can finally enjoy playing over at SqwishLand.com as it arrives in the Philippines. Sqwishland is an online virtual world where kids can play and explore. Together with their own pet Sqwishlander, they can engage in exciting quests and adventures.

To make the game more exciting, kids can dress up and care for their Sqwishlanders, play exclusive games, or buy scuba gear to plunge into Sqwishland's deep blue see. All these they can do with the Sqwash money that they can earn through membership, purchasing them separately, or just by being a frequent visitor of Sqwishland.

Each Sqwishland capsule toy has a secret code that's needed for playing in Sqwishland. Now here's the best part of it all. To welcome Pinoy kids in Sqwishland, over a hundred of these secret codes have been tagged as winners! See what's in store for you:

Kindly visit the Sqwishland Play & Win site for specific instructions on how to join this contest. The promo is available only for Philippine players and will be from May 1 to 31, 2011. So what are you waiting for? Go buy a Sqwishland capsule toy from any Toy Kingdom or Toys R Us branch, or from a leading toy store nearest you.

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