NIVEA Baby Pure & Natural Wipes

A sweet angel from NIVEA sent me a package of their new Pure & Natural line of products. I'm happy that aside from the NIVEA Deo Pure & Natural products inside the lovely mini-bayong (native woven bag), I also found a pack of NIVEA Baby Pure & Natural Wipes!

NIVEA Baby Pure and Natural wipes 1

True to its claim of being pure and natural, NIVEA Baby Pure & Natural Wipes have organic chamomile extracts that help soothe baby's skin in between diaper changes. The sheets smell nice even when there's no perfume added. It also has no alcohol and parabens so it's perfectly safe for baby's sensitive skin.

NIVEA Baby Pure and Natural wipes 2

What I also like about it is that the sheets are 100% biodegradable natural tissue so you can immediately flush it after cleaning baby's tushie. How convenient can this be?

NIVEA Baby Pure & Natural Wipes come in 50 sheet packs at an affordable price of Php 150. Hope you get to try it, too!

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  1. Toni (Wifely Steps)June 1, 2011 at 8:10 PM

    Oh lucky you! That's one of the wipes brands I use too and that's my favorite one. Ang mahal lang kasi but I do love how soft Nivea Baby Wipes are <3

  2. I like Nivea baby wipes for my baby! Hindi naman kasi sanay ang baby ko sa traditional water and soap routine na kinalakihan ko kaya she uses a lot of wipes. Ang magandang feature ng wipes ng Nivea, may mga mini bumps surface niya kaya mas malaki surface area. 1 or 2 pcs lang, clean na baby ko. Sulit na presyo.


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