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Happy With HSBC

10:34 AM

I've been an HSBC credit card user for six years now. I initially had the Red Mastercard but the company sent me the Mabuhay Miles Visa card after a year. I keep them both until now and I'm proud that I'm able to manage both without outstanding balances. Maybe this is the reason why I keep receiving various offers from the bank.

Other banks normally call their customers to offer them personal loans and insurances. Luckily, I only had a few calls of that kind from HSBC. What I normally receive are calls about discounts and installment options on gadgets and appliances. In fact, I took their Ipod Touch 4th gen offer just recently because the tie-up with Power Mac Center entitled me to a 24-month 0% purchase! Since it's my boy's birthday in a couple of weeks, I found it to be a timely and affordable deal.

This is just one of the things I love about HSBC. Not to mention that I get free Starbucks drinks every now and then. The husband's actually jealous because his card is from another bank, haha!

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