Enrollment is nearing

The last week of April is almost done which means it's almost enrollment time in my boy's school. Although we won't be paying his full tuition this year because of his academic scholarship, we will still need to pay the miscellaneous fees, books and other school supplies. Not to mention that we also need to buy him new pairs pants and a couple of undershirts.

Since we only have one child, we only count on my husband's mid-year bonus to cover the expenses. Even my son is aware of that so he strives so hard to get the gold medal so that we won't have to pay for his tuition. For this year, I think we saved more or less 50k because of his scholarship.

I can't imagine how moms of 2 or more kids feel whenever it's enrollment time. I just wonder how they raise enough funds for the coming school year. Do they buy gold bars and sell them at a higher price? Do they still receive funds from their educational plans?

Are you still sending a child to school? How do you raise funds for his/her enrollment?

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