What to do with extra pens

I get lots of promo pens. They usually come from drug companies, event launches, game arcades, and yes, the past election. I keep them all because I assume that I'll be using them in the future.

Just a couple of the pens I keep in my drawer.
Honestly, I never get to use these advertising pens. I still end up buying 0.3 gel pens for my personal use. My boy doesn't want to use them, either. He still prefers using a mechanical pencil over pens even when he's already in fourth grade. So these babies just keep piling up in my drawer and I think it's high time I find new owners for them.

I'm thinking of donating my extra pens to the public school in our barangay. I see kids walking to and from that school outside our village and I pity some of them. I even tell Rap how lucky he is that he wears a decent uniform to school and has complete school supplies because some of these kids don't. I believe that my promo pens will be much appreciated by these kids. I might even ask help from friends and collect their extra pens much like The Pencil Project in the States.

I love pens. I also love collecting awesome personalized pencils and personalized envelopes. But when they are kept unused for a long time, they just add to the clutter and visual noise of my desk. It's better to just give them away to people who need the most, don't you agree?

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  1. You also gave me an idea, I have lots of extra pens at home. And yes, I'll be donating them to a public nearby school :)

    Sarah A.


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