Rap is in the finals!

More than a week ago, I wrote about Rap competing in the first-ever Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz for elementary and high school students in Metro Manila. Well, what do you know? My boy got in and will be competing in the finals on March 20! It was truly surprising because, even with Christmas vacation, we didn't have time to study for the quiz bee. It does pay when one reads because my boy loves reading about random things.

This school year really is the best, so far. My boy took part and won in almost all of the quiz bee competitions that were held in his school (except Filipino, LOL!). His adviser rooting for him to bag the gold this year. Although we're a little bit sure that he can get the gold medal this year, we're still not keeping our hopes up to avoid being disappointed like last year.

Anyway, my husband and I are super proud and happy about it. My husband might buy him the gadgets in his wishlist as a reward. Rap is actually asking for a bigger electronic keyboard since he wants to take piano lessons this summer. And he's also asking his dad for a new PSP. His old one was bought way back in 2007 so I think it's but fair to give him a new one for all the effort that he's been doing in his studies.

As for me, the Hong Kong Disneyland travel I promised him is in the works already. I already requested for additional NSO copies of his birth certificate so we can already apply for his passport. But with my husband not having time for a vacation this summer, we might just take the trip during the Halloween or Christmas school breaks. Gee, I'm glad that my boy only wishes for HK Disney. I can't afford a US trip even with free setai 5th ave accommodations which was offered to me by one advertiser.

We're keeping our fingers crossed on the 20th although I'm not expecting too much from him. Being in the finals and being the youngest in the competition is already a big achievement! Wish us luck!

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  1. hope he can make it sis:) balitaan mo kami ha..we'll be praying for Rap:)


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