Valentine Blues

So how was your V-Day? Were you part of the lovestruck lot who anticipated a romantic dinner by candlelight? I had the Valentine blues yesterday so I didn't even think of preparing something special for my boys. By the way, before you react, my boys have nothing to do with the sadness I felt yesterday.

Why did I ever feel like dying on Valentine's Day? Here's why:

  • Valentine's Day on a Monday is never fun. My writers submit their articles every Monday so I'll have the rest of the week editing and sending it back to them for publishing. As such, I was confined to my desk from 9 a.m. till 6 in the evening.
  • Grooveshark was down for two hours! I can never work in a quiet office so I always play music loudly. Instead of downloading pirated mp3s and uploading them in my laptop, I just listen to the streamed music in Grooveshark. I prefer listening to Grooveshark than the radio because I have already an arranged playlist for my working hours.
  • I received a personal phone call that made me feel bad the whole day. Nope, sorry, I'm not writing about it here.
I felt better later that night with my boys already home. Their hugs and kisses were all I needed. We just bought pizza and fried chicken and ate it at home.

I didn't get anything from my husband and I didn't prepare anything for him, too. If I had the means to do so, I could've gotten one the gateway computers we saw at SM Cyberzone last year. Nevertheless, Valentine's Day is just one of the 365 days in a year. At least, we tell each other "I love you" everyday.

I didn't quite expect my Valentine's Day to be like that. Although we really don't usually celebrate as some lovers do, I was still expecting it to be a happy lovely day. Gone are the Valentine blues and I'm feeling better now.

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  1. right you are, girl! you don't need to wait for the 14th of February to tell someone you love him, lol!


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