One Crazy Weekend

Five days a week, I sit in front of my desk either editing or writing articles which are scheduled for posting. For both my online writing projects and my blogs, I have a publishing calendar which I try to follow religiously lest I want to be buried in backlogs. The boys also have a daily routine that we do not get to really spend quality time with each other in the evening. Weekends, however, are a different thing. As long as we don't have a planned activity to do or an event to attend, we forget about the time.

This past weekend, for instance, the three of us watched TV until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Then, we woke up around 10 in the morning and had breakfast. It was tambay mode again with me setting up a blog for my sister, my husband doing his other online tasks, and my boy watching cartoons online. We lost track of time that we had our lunch around 6 in the evening. The three of us were all on the couch again in front of the TV until I decided to reheat left-over pizza slices and boil eggs which became our dinner and past-midnight snack. We woke up late again the next day sleepy but, definitely, happy and ready to tackle the Monday ahead. It was one crazy weekend, I tell 'ya! But weekends are supposed to be like that, right? It's best spent lazily and relaxed with the family.

This coming weekend, we'll be driving early morning to Clark for the Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. The weekend after that, my husband will be on business travel to India. Our next crazy weekend might be the weekend that will follow that. For now, I'll get busy with pending work. Speaking of work... I have to start searching for ab workouts for 6 pack for a fitness write-up I'm doing.

How was your weekend? Was it as crazy as ours? I hope you enjoyed it, too!

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