Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz Semifinals

Yesterday, my boy competed with other grade schoolers at the 1st Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz semifinals at the Department of Education in Pasig City. He passed the elimination round last November and he's one of the two fourth graders who are competing with other students in Grades 5 to 7 from other schools in Metro Manila.

Of course, we are so proud of Rap! We will still be proud of him even if he doesn't enter the finals. Being in the semifinals is already a big deal. Even his school is proud of him because only two pupils from his school got in. He has also been busy with extra-curricular activities that we weren't able to review much for this round.

I'm so fortunate to have one smart boy. We are convincing him to take up a course on medicine in college because he's so good in memorizing terms. Who knows, he can eventually discover medicine for rare diseases? But this early, he tells me that he wants to be a lawyer. I'm still hoping that he'd change his mind.

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