The Alalay Can Haz Facebook!

Everybody knows that I don't have a maid but a houseboy who has been with my husband's family even before we were married. He's very efficient; he does all the house chores plus extras such taking care of our two dogs, gardening, and washing our cars. He's our Mr. Fix-it, too. He told me that he's the son of a carpenter that's why I trusted him to build our son's loft.

From this spare spot in my son's room

he built





I did save a lot from having him do all the carpentry work. But you know, my alalay can have bad days, too. He can be cranky at times. Sometimes, I even thought of him as hormonal already with his mood swings and all. I was ready to buy him some hormonal acne treatment pills (joke!) when I realized that all he needed was a diversion and a time to relax.

So I taught him how to use Facebook. Believe it or not, living with him has become a breeze after that. No more mood swings, I tell 'ya! He has been more diligent in doing housework without the usual crankiness because he knows that I will not give him computer time if he doesn't finish the housework before lunch time. He plays Texas Hold 'Em Poker and has been asking me the basics of Cityville.

Alalay crankiness solved all with the help of Facebook. Zuckerberg is a homemaker's best friend!

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  1. hahahaha galing galing mommy mauie! cost efficient solution to making tha alalay happy. :)

  2. cool! it's nice to know there's someone you can count on to stuff and yes, very considerate, fb for him hehe! (Came here from my LP entry but can't find yours...) :D

  3. oy ang galing galing nga nya sa carpentry jobs!

    per mas magaling ka hehe

  4. You're so lucky,minsan lang ang merong nagkukusa na helper ngayon.Merong iba dyan,puro reklamo lol!He deserves a lil treat^_^


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