It's Time For Family Game Nights!

Keep the gadgets in the closet, shut down your computers, and bring out the boardgames. It's the weekend and it's time for a Family Game Night!

2010-11-27 Hasbro Family Game Night (5)

I myself am guilty of supplying our boy with all gadgets he can play with. He has netbook PSP, and Wii. Being an only child, he has no one to play with but us his parents. Oftentimes, we become so busy with work that we are not able to play with him. There have been times when he begged us to play Monopoly with him but we were just so tired and busy to do so.

2010-11-27 Hasbro Family Game Night (7)

Jingo Zara, a child psychologist, spoke to us mombloggers during the Hasbro Family Game Night event held last November 27, 2010 and hosted by Daniel and Roanne Dionisio of Color Mix Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Hasbro Games in the Philippnes. Among the many lessons that Family Game Nights teach are the following:

  • Dealing with loss. It's our chance to teach our kids how to gracefully accept defeat and move on. Moreover, it teaches kids how to respect each other's feelings and to support a brother/sister in times of defeat.
  • Parents are not only guardians. We can show our kids that we can also be their closest friends by spending time with them and having a worthwhile conversation while playing the game.
  • Having fun doesn't need to be expensive and spent outside the home. Family Game Nights offer families with an inexpensive way to have fun just by staying at home and playing with the family. Come to think of it, you can save lots of money by not eating out. Just serve a hearty meal before the game and serve some chips and drinks for everyone's snacking pleasure while playing. Plus, the safety of everyone is ensured.
  • It's the best time to teach love and respect. It can be the best time for couples to show their affection in front of the kids. (Dads can let moms win. *wink wink*) Older kids can also learn how to be more patient with the younger siblings.
Hasbro Games encourages families to bond by starting their own Family Game Night. Board games are a sure way to have fun with the family right in the comforts of the home. Here's how you can stage your own Family Game Night:

I had a fun game of Taboo with other parent bloggers during the event.
Thanks to Jennie of Marriage and Beyond for this photo.
  1. Schedule it! Choose a night that is most convenient for the whole family. You can opt to have it once or twice a month or even weekly.
  2. Make it a tradition. Have the whole family look forward to each Family Game Night by serving special meals before the game and while playing the game.
  3. Keep a family scoreboard. You can honor family members who won the game by posting their names on a special spot in the home. It will also serve as a challenge for the others to do better the next time around.
  4. Invite special guests. Have titos and titas, cousins, and grandparents come over for a round of games. You can also have the games during special family gatherings.
Habro Games has a wide assortment of choices for kids as young as 3 years and even for adults. Our son's personal favorite is Monopoly. (We have the Philippine Edition at home.) It was through Monopoly that he easily learned how to count money and to plan strategies like a true real estate businessman, haha!

He's also been recently introduced to Boggle which I find to be a perfect tool in honing his English vocabulary and spelling skills. I can't wait for our next Family Game Night. With Christmas vacation just around the corner, I'm sure we'll have more fun and action-filled game nights ahead!

Click here to view more photos of the Hasbro Family Game Night event.

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