The 24-Hour Mommy: Holiday rush


Holiday rush

10:37 PM

This past week, almost everything has been a blur to me. I've been busy writing and editing entries for my writing job that I haven't even been able to complete my Christmas list. Heck, I even forgot to buy my son new clothes for his Christmas party! I'm just glad he understood.

So yeah, I'm sorry if I can't write something with substance tonight as I my eyes are already drooping. I lack sleep because (thank goodness) I squeezed a Christmas get-together with my husband's former officemates last night. Tomorrow, Rap and I are going to plug in the Wii and do some boxing. I feel so bloated. Sitting 8 hours a day in front of the computer plus all these holiday buffets are not good. I might even need a safe fat burner.

Hope you had a fun and not so stressful week. I also hope you're done with your holiday shopping because Christmas Day is just one week away. Good night!

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