Health insurance for the kasambahay

My houseboy does not have an SSS number yet. He has problems with his birth certificate that's why he's also having trouble securing his social security number. For the meantime, we decided to get him a health insurance as part of his benefits. Fortunately, my mother-in-law signed up as an agent of Caritas Health Shield and we were informed of this affordable deal.

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It's just around Php 1,500 pesos a month on our part but I think it's better that we get a health card for him now than spend money should he become sick. Also, it would appear that we're helping him save money for the future because he will get 50,000 pesos on the 11th year.

I really like this combi plan. A cousin of mine even wishes that they have a plan like this in the US. She has been comparing plans through the life insurance site and she thinks that Caritas Health Shield's combined health and term life insurance plan is better.

If you are interested to know more about this plan, I can share to you my mom-in-law's contact details. Just comment here with your email address. :)

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