The New Project

I am so sorry for not updating my posts lately. My hormones aren't cooperating and this is the first in the week that I haven't woken up with a splitting headache. :( Anyways, that's just the little sacrifice I'm making for this new project of mine. I almost didn't want to share it with you because I fear that it will not be successful but, what the heck.

I'm taking Clomid right now. For the ladies who are not familiar with it yet, it's the hormonal pill given to women to induce ovulation. Yep, we're aiming for a new baby by next year and, by God's grace, I know this new baby project will be successful. At least, my doctors tells me so.

I'm still feeling nauseous and under the weather and it truly gets in the way of my daily routine. Aside from the physical sacrifices, it's also quite heavy on our budget. Hay naku, it's so hard and expensive to be able to conceive and yet other moms just abandon and even throw their babies away.

Wish me luck! I'll need all of your positive vibes!

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  1. I am sure God will hear your prayer. We will also include it in ours. :)

    May you feel better soon.


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