Another Thing To Love About BPI

I rushed to the bank this morning to find that my branch of account has not only renovated it's office but has also improved it's queuing procedure. I did not need to fill up a deposit slip anymore as I was led to a machine where I typed in my deposit details. The machine has a touch sensitive screen that automatically forwards the deposit details to the tellers on duty. The machine then released a piece of paper showing my queue number and I just waited for my number to be called. Cool, huh?

This gives me one more thing to love about the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Aside from having no service charges for provincial deposits, I also love how the cheques I deposited are immediately reflected in my account.

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  1. I love BPI too! I have a booklet of deposit slips here at home so I don't need to fill up at the branch. I wonder how that is going to work out? I don't like to fill up something when I get there even if it's already computerized.

  2. I'm not sure about your deposit slips, Carol. At least in my branch, I saw people with the old deposit slips being asked to input their deposit details on the machine. The copy I received was a new slip, not like the ones they detach from the old deposit slips.


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