Missing Lola

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I've been making a list of the names of our deceased relatives for a prayer offering this coming All Souls' Day. With that, I remembered my Lola Doming and all she did for me when she stayed with our family.

My Lola used to live in the province with my other aunts and uncles. But with some of her children living in Manila, she often takes the long trip from Visayas to Luzon just to spend time with some of her children. Some of the last years of her life were spent with us. That was when I was still in college.

My Lola was a typical Filipina grandmother. She had traditions and superstitions that she strictly followed. She prayed the rosary thrice a day and had me buy kamanyang (incense) from Quiapo for her evening prayer ritual. In the evening, she would ask me to apply Tiger balm on her back before she went to sleep. In return, she applied coconut oil on my scalp and brushed my hair till it was soft and shiny. She did not want me to use any shampoo for thin hair because she just wanted me to use her gugo which I hated so badly, hahaha!

But seriously, I miss everything about her now that I remember her. And I am guilty of the fact that I did not become the abogada she wished I would be. I just wish I had the chance to tell her how thankful I am for everything she did for me.

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