The Halloweens of Long Ago

The Halloweens that we spent in Laguna Bel Air were the best Halloween celebrations we had. The whole community, even the Mc Donald's branch just outside the gate, would prepare special contests for the homeowners. The kids also looked forward to going around the whole village come Trick or Treat. Five happy Halloween celebrations. The next Halloweens that came every year after the last were sad because we always end up missing our old home, our former neighbors, our beloved community. So we just bring out the photographs of those 4 happy Halloweens at it would always make us smile. See them below:

Bumblebee costume was lent by Alma, my kumare.
It was our first year and we didn't know that they had "Trick or Treat."
I was able to buy a costume for Rap.  He did not win
but our house got a citation and we won an umbrella for that, haha!

I made a simple Quasimodo shirt for Rap.
My husband also dressed up for a costume contest in the office.

Rap's cousins came over to Trick or Treat with us.
Of course, they had to have costumes.
Rap won the grand prize in this year even when his costume was just
his Katipunero costume for UN Day converted into a Scarecrow costume! :D

We lived for 5 years in Laguna Bel Air but we were not able to join the festivities in 2005 because we went out of town then. Besides, we had to give others the chance to win, right? LOL!

The village where we live in right now also holds a Trick or Treat program for the kids. Last year, my alalay thought of bringing out what's left of our old Halloween decors. It became a hit to the people who came and some even took souvenir photos.

This year, we thought of postponing our schedule of bringing out our Christmas ornaments and decorate our home for the Halloween instead. I think we're the only home here that is Halloween-decorated.

I can't wait for Halloween to come. I'm planning to bake gingerbread and sugar cookies to give away to the kids!

How about you? What are your activities this Halloween?

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