Compression Stocking for the Preggy Mommy

When I was pregnant with Rap, I remember having swollen feet and ankles despite the fact that I walk to and from the LRT station every day. The discomfort was so bad that I even had leg cramps at night. I was told to wear compression stockings to help relieve the discomfort of swollen feet.

However, I wasn't able to buy compression stockings because I just didn't know where to get it. I discovered that it's not the same as the regular nylon stockings and these are often sold in medical supply stores. Instead, I just wrapped elastic gauze bandage on my legs when I slept at night. I looked like a mummy from the thighs down, oh my!

The preggy mommy of today is luckier than I was before ten years ago. Now, you can easily buy compression stockings from online suppliers. I saw one local supplier selling compression stockings for 1,300 pesos.

Were you also advised to wear compression stockings when you were pregnant? How was it?

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