Remembering Ondoy

It's been a year since Ondoy devastated our humble town of Cainta. Although we were lucky that our property was spared from the flooding but I still had no reason to be happy that day. My sister's house was not spared and the flood covered 3/4 of their bungalow.


When the flood subsided, our town resembled a war-torn place. The roads were covered in mud and scattered appliances and home furnishings were everywhere. I remember that we had to go to as far as Quezon City just so we can buy all the things we need from the supermarket. It was truly a sad day.

Last Sunday, while cooking the feast for our parents' double celebration, my sister and I had the chance to look back and reflect on our lives now after Ondoy. Both of us agreed that it changed the way we prioritize things now. For instance, before buying stuff for our respective homes, we now take time to think whether it can withstand another Ondoy.

When I had our garden's landscape redesigned, I shooed away from what's lavish and chose what's simple and essential. For instance, the landscape lighting fixtures we installed are the simplest and the most inexpensive we found. We are also now inclined on making DIY projects than buying ready-made stuff. At least, if another disaster strikes and destroys it, it would offer me consolation to think that I did not spend so much on those things.

More importantly, Ondoy has taught us to value our family members more. When my husband and son are out of the house, I take time to send an SMS just to remind them that I love them. We also made improvements on the kennels of our two dogs. The night after the flood came, my younger brother and brother-in-law slept on top of my dad's SUV with a roof just 2 feet lower than the garage. With them were my sister's 3 dogs. Our pets are part of our family too, aren't they?

Do you have an unforgettable Ondoy experience? How has it changed you? Do you think we have already learned our lesson after a year? I'd love to read about what you think.

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