My Husband's Best Friend

It is common notion that man's best friend is the dog. We have two dogs in my household but both are inclined to follow the houseboy more than my husband, haha! In reality, my husband's best friend is a big square box in the living room which is conveniently placed in front of a comfy couch. I guess you know what that square thing is by now. Yes, my husband has this special bond with our TV set!

He's so into TV sets that, when we go to the mall, expect him to be mesmerized by TV sets on display. The bigger they are, the more hypnotized he becomes. And when this happens, my son and I just look at each other, roll our eyes, and snicker quietly as if saying "There he goes again."

Our TV set in the living room is a 29" set and we have a 19" LCD TV in my son's room. For me, these two are enough to last until they break down of wear and tear. Not for the husband, no. He's eyeing a Samsung HDTV ever since he saw the 3D television sets being displayed in SM Megamall last summer. I wouldn't buy it even if we have the budget for it. I do hope the heavens help me in restraining my husband from buying that TV.

Who's your husband's bestfriend? Is it also a square box found in the living room? ;-p

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