"Merry Christmas" in September

All non-Pinoys in Twitterland went nuts yesterday when "merry christmas" started trending. They were wondering why "merry christmas" has become one of the top tweets yesterday. Of course, we know why. It's the first day of September and we Pinoys are known to celebrate the longest Christmas season ever!

How was the first day of September for you so far? I was actually waiting to here my first Christmas song for the year but I haven't listened to the FM radio yet. I was also in a "not so jolly" mood yesterday as the rains started to lash in the evening. It scared the wits out of me! Remember, Ondoy came in September last year?

So, anyway, "Merry Christmas!" I do hope you have a happy Christmas. I'm sure we'll have one this year even when I know that we'll have to minimize our gift-buying budget and Christmas season spending this year. Sorry self, still no spanking new ugg boots for you this Christmas. Awww.... Then again, I may find a nice pair in the ukay store in Sta. Lu! ;-p

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