The Future Politico

After watching the evening news last night, my son blurted out these words: "I wanna be in politics someday." I asked him if he was serious and I reminded him how he told me sometime ago that he wanted to be a priest. Apparently, he's disgusted about how things are going in the government today and he thinks he can make a huge difference in being a government official than being a priest. Uh-oh. I guess he had too much of the news last night but I can't just scratch the news from his TV viewing schedule as he needs to be updated with current affairs.

It felt good to hear my son planning his future and I sensed the sincerity in his voice. He said he wanted to become a lawyer first so he'll be an expert in our laws. I told him that he can take up Accountancy for Pre-Law but he insisted that he'll take up Political Science like me instead. Yes, I'm a Poli Sci graduate but I ended up taking up a Masters degree in Education instead. I was tempted to ask "And what do I do for a living now, Anak?" Of course, I kept my mouth shut. There's no point in spoiling his plans for his future.

Actually, Poli Sci was my parents' choice. I bet my mom would have insisted me taking up a medical course if she saw the health care job sites available in the Internet today. I really wanted to become an electrical engineer or any profession that deals with computers. My husband says that I'm better than him when it comes to computers. He's actually planning to let me study a certification course but I think I can't at the moment because of my hectic schedule.

My experience has taught me the importance of letting our children have a say in what their future will be. I believe that it will make them better individuals because they know what their interests are and what they're fully capable of. All we can do is to help them choose the good from the bad and, if it isn't too much, the better from the good as well.

Just my two cents.

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