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Do you ever wonder where our kids' Ceelin, Disudrin, Dolan, and Biogesic syrups are made? I do. They are manufactured in Unilab's Amherst Plant in Mamplasan, BiƱan, Laguna. I and five other mommy bloggers toured this world-class facility last September 13, 2010 as part of the pharmaceutical company's Discerning Mommy advocacy.

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The Discerning Mommy advocacy is the digital component of Unilab's corporate branding program, "Unilab ba 'yan?" Basically, the company recognizes mothers as the prime decision makers when it comes to choosing products for the family. Thus, as explained by Jack Orendain, Unilab's Corporate Affairs Senior Manager, The Discerning Mommy advocacy encourages us moms to make the right choices for our family's health.

Upon arriving at the plant, we first learned the basics of having a fever and how it's important to take care of a child who has fever. All of these were presented by Dr. Royce Mangubat, pediatrician and Medical Director for Unilab Pediatrica Division.

Then came the exciting part, touring around the plant! We were like school children on a field trip, haha!

Ving Abolino, Amherst Plant Director, answered all our queries while leading us through the Quality and Assurance Area, the Solids Plant, the warehouse for the raw and packaging materials, and the liquids plant. Can you see me wearing a bunny suit and a hard hat?

Honestly, in choosing products for my family, I abide by these requirements: safety, effectiveness, quality, and affordability. After touring the Amherst Plant, I can now say that Unilab's products truly maintain these standards.

With all the health risks we are facing, it is important for us to ensure our families' health by making quality health choices. You can start doing so by knowing more about Unilab's world-class products. Follow them on Twitter and on Facebook to be updated on their latest products and promos.

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