It's Jelliciously Good and Healthy!

Are you a yogurt lover? Are you a fruit lover? Ok, last question, are you are jelly lover? If you answered YES to all three, then Nestlé's new Fruit Selection Yogurt with Jelly is perfect for you!

Yesterday, I was invited by Nuffnang Philippines to attend Nestlé's Laughter Yoga blogger event and it was where I was introduced to this jelliciously good and healthy new product. Before we actually had the chance to taste it, we were first entertained by the hilariously funny comedian, Mike Unson. This man is good, I tell you. No green jokes or slapstick comedy. What made us laugh was just his wit and intelligent humor.

2010-08-07 Laughter Yoga-2

Then, we were introduced to Paolo Martin Trinidad, a certified laughter yoga instructor. Paolo has been doing volunteer work by teaching laughter yoga in the Mandaluyong City Jail and other jails in the metro. He also supports these prisoners by patronizing their handicrafts. (Read more about my laughter yoga experience in this separate post.)

2010-08-07 Laughter Yoga-4

Then came the jelliciously yummy part, yogurt tasting! Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt with Jelly comes in 2 flavors: Strawberry and Buco Nata. I'm familiar with the taste of both flavors since we regularly buy Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt. My personal favorite is the Buco Nata flavor so it's the flavor I tasted during the event.  (I ate a strawberry-flavored cup when I got home.)

2010-08-07 Laughter Yoga-162010-08-07 Laughter Yoga-18

Both are yummy as I have expected them to be. Nothing much has changed with regard to the flavor and the bits of fruit mixed with the yogurt. The jelly on top actually made yogurt eating more exciting. Honestly, I'm guilty of getting bored in eating yogurt at times. The jelly in the yogurt gave it more texture. It gave me something more to chew on if you get what I mean. I think this product will be more friendlier for the yogurt-phobic. By the way, you can eat it in whatever way you like. During the event, I chatted with some of the girls about how we can observe one's personality by the way he/she eats this yogurt with jelly. Well, this was after I already dunked my spoon right into the cup, crushed the jelly, and mixed it with the yogurt. The girls thought I have an aggressive personality because of that! LOL!

Hope you can try and taste the new Nestle Fruit Selection Yogurt with Jelly for some healthy snacking. Each cup has over a billion live microorganisms that are good for the tummy! My boy loves it, I swear. He says its the "binata" version of his Nido yogurt. Special thanks to Nuffnang Philippines and Nestlé Philippines for the invite and for introducing me to this wonderful product and to laughter yoga as well.

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  1. Hi Mauie,

    Nice meeting you at the Nestle event. Cheers for more :)

  2. Hi Mauie!

    Great to see you again at the Nestle event :)



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