Helping kids with their school projects: When to help and when to stop

This has been the busiest weekend I ever had in terms of helping my kid in his school assignments and projects. We've been working the whole day today and I'm glad we were able to finish everything!

Do you help your child in his school requirements? I know, I do. As much as I want him to do everything on his own, there are times when I know that I need to lend a helping hand. In helping my child with his school projects and assignments, I follow these simple rules.

  • I don't do the research and reading. My boy's big enough to Google. I just wait when he needs clarifications. I am lucky that my son is a voracious reader so his book report wasn't much of a problem. He's the one who typed his book report, too. I'm glad that he knows how to use Microsoft Word already. I just edited it, did some formatting, and printed it.
  • I still do the cutting. He needs more work on his motor skills, lol! I can't risk an injury. Aside from that, I let him do everything else but I supervise because he's not that neat. You know how boys are ... argh!
  • We exchange ideas. I remind myself that it's my son's project and it should reflect his own personal style. The Charlie Chaplin theme for his skeleton project was his idea while the collage style on his bookmarks were mine. We both agreed on how the styles were done and we're both happy with the results.

It's not bad to help our kids as long as we live by the limits. Teachers know when parents do the project and they give grades accordingly. I should know, being a former preschool teacher myself. Conversely, teachers also assign projects that would encourage parent-child bonding. I won't advise you to follow my rules because our kids are different. Nevertheless, just remember that we need to teach them independence while they're still young. We won't be around for them forever, anyway.

Happy parenting!

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