Chocochip Cookies Recipe

We're slowly eliminating chips and other junkfood in our household. This is to supplement the effort that my son's school has been doing ever since the school year started. I am also not buying cookies from the supermarket anymore since I know how to make them already. I bake assorted cookies and baked treats during the weekend and keep them in the refrigerator for a week. We call this our Weekly Snack Stash!

I am sharing the chocochip recipe I used. The oatmeal cookies were made out of pure luck, hahaha! No, seriously. I made the cookie dough and divided it in half. Then, I just substituted half of the chocochips with instant oatmeal. The substitution was a success. Anyway, Chef Patty of the Heny Sison Culinary School told us that cookie recipes are always fool proof and very easy even for the beginners. You can also do what I did this to save you some time in preparing another cookie dough for the oatmeal cookies.

Chocochip Cookies

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degress Farenheit.
  2. Combine the dry ingredients first: 4 cups sifted all purpose flour + 1 tsp baking soda + 1 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp salt. I combine my dry ingredients in a Manila paper because, in Heny Sison, dry ingredients are always mixed in craft paper. It makes it easier to combine it with the wet ingredients.
  3. Prepare wet ingredients: Mix 3/4 cup white sugar + 1 cup brown sugar + 1 cup melted butter. Use an electric mixer to cream until sugar is well incorporated. A friend of mine just asked me about the mixer I am using. I'm just using the cheapest Imarflex electric mixer I found in Abenson, haha! It came with a stainless steel bowl and the standard prongs. I don't have a budget yet for the pricey KitchenAid. ;-p The mixture should resemble a beige-like color by the time you're done with it.
  4. Reduce mixer speed and add 2 whole eggs one at a time. Add 1 1/2 tsp vanilla and 1 1/2 tsp glucose. When you use eggs, make sure that you crack it one at a time. Put the egg in a small bowl first and inspect it first. The, put in the mixer if it's not spoiled. Wet the measuring spoon with water first before scooping out glucose. Then, with wet fingers, push the glucose out of the spoon and into the mixture.
  5. Remove from mixer, add the dry ingredients, and hand fold the ingredients. The cookie dough should be a little tough by this time. Add 340 grams of chocolate chips or mini kisses. But as I told you earlier, I equally divided the cookie dough in half, used 120 grams of chopped Goya chocolate for the chocochip cookies and 120 grams of instant oatmeal to make the oatmeal cookies. :)
  6. Scoop into prepared cookie sheets and bake for 7-10 minutes or until the cookies are ready. I used an ice cream scooper to make the sizes uniform and I placed a Glad baking sheet so I didn't have to brush shortening on my cookie trays anymore. By the way, do not overbake if you want your cookies chewy. You can also flatten the cookies while they are still warm and soft. My boy likes his scone-like so I didn't bother flattening them anymore.
I'm thinking of giving baked treats as gifts this Christmas. I'll also be giving some of these to friends who gift me with natural weight loss products just for the laughs, hahaha!

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  1. Nothing beats homemade baked goodies. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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