Sister Act

My preggy sister and her husband visited us this afternoon. I gladly took a break from researching and writing and cooked carbonara and baked brownies for her. I had to let her see that I know how to bake now. Nope, it's not because I had to brag about it. I just felt good catching up with her after more than a month of not seeing each other.

We're just two girls in a brood of five and I believe that this made us have a special bond. Our brothers even call us Evow Sisters because they know the mischiefs we can come up with when we're together. Well, that was when we were younger. Nowadays, we just have a grand time making chika about anything under the sun. This afternoon, she just sat by the bar counter while I baked and cooked.

It does feel good to have a sister. That's why I feel more pressured to have another child. I hate it when I imagine my son growing up alone without a sibling to share his childhood experiences with. Isn't this a sad thought?

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