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My boys and I finally got the chance to watch The Karate Kid yesterday at Eastwood City. Oh my, I have to say that this 2010 version is a blockbuster! We arrived at the mall around noon hoping to catch the 1:10 p.m. showing but we ended up buying tickets for the 4:20 p.m. schedule. When we got out of the moviehouse, tickets for the last full show were already sold out! Will and Jada Smith must be really happy of their production's success.

The Kung Fu Kid is actually a more apt title for this version. Nevertheless, it still revolves around the story of a boy named Dre Parker (played by Jaden Smith) who moved from Detroit to China with his mom. The usual "fish out of water" plot is applied with Dre being bullied by a Chinese boy named Cheng who apparently studies Kung Fu. On one occasion, Dre was saved by Mr. Han (played by Jackie Chan), their apartment's maintenance guy, from his bullies. In attempt to make peace with the bullies and their Kung Fu teacher, Master Li, Mr. Han was left with no other choice but to train Dre for the Kung Fu open tournament. Only after Dre wins the tournament will the bullies leave him alone.

Production-wise, there's no doubt that the movie is well budgeted. Around 90% of the movie was shot in Beijing and various parts of China. Although, there were some scenes that I thought were unrealistic (like training Dre at the Great Wall of China). Then again, Jaden Smith as Dre and Jackie Chan as Mr. Han was a great idea. Jaden has definitely arrived as a movie star and it was my first time to see Jackie Chan cry in a movie. Overall, The Karate Kid 2010 movie is one that your kids should see. The movie teaches kids to respect adults, to not be a quitter, and to be neat and responsible of their belongings. Oh, but please watch this movie with your kids and remind them about Puppy Love 101. Jaden, whose 11 by the way, kissing Meiying is not an A-Ok scene for me.

Rap enjoyed The Karate Kid movie. It inspired him to go back to his Taekwondo lessons every weekend. Have you seen Jaden Smith's body? I read that he had to be trained in Kung Fu for 3 months before the filming of the movies. He has well-toned muscles and abs for an 11-year old. I guess, men who use testosterone creams for body building should learn a little "jacket in, jacket off" from Mr. Han, haha!

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