Happy Birthday, Dadijun!

Allow me to write a short post for the love of my life who's celebrating his 3_th birthday today. Hahaha, I purposely left the 2nd digit blank. My husband deliberately tells me that he stopped ageing at 25 which was more than 10 years ago. Now, that's a give-away clue. He seldom reads my blogs anyway. ;-p

But seriously, I am very thankful of this day. I think I am even happier than the birthday boy himself. I am in a jolly mood today because I am glad that I was again given a year to enjoy his company. He is my best friend, really. And although we get into an arguing mode more often than before, we still get to talk about anything under the sun.

We love you, Daddyjun. And we will forever treasure everything that you're doing for our family. Don't you ever forget that. God bless you even more with all the blessings in the world because you are one smart, determined, and generous guy.

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