New Projects for March!

This month is a busy month for me. I have just signed up for a writing project with the Philippine Online Chronicles' Health and Wellness channel. I would be writing 4 feature articles a month about health topics that are of importance to Filipinos. Since the month of March has been designated as National Women's Health Month, my articles are focused on 4 health issues that affect not only Filipinas but also women from around the globe. More than the financial blessings that this new writing project will give me until July of this year, I am uber happy and proud in seeing my name under the title of my article.

Another major project begins in our home today. Our cute little home will finally have additional space to house a bigger kitchen and dining area. We're finally building the bar counter in the kitchen and a pocket garden inside the dining are which we were planning way back. I am excited about how everything will turn out. The only downside to having a construction project is that I needed to have all the windows closed to avoid the dust from getting in. Our contractor informed us that it will take them 6 weeks to finish the project.

Aside from the kitchen and dining area renovation, we are also reserving funds for our Honda City's car repair needs. It's a '98 model and the roof's paint have started to show bubbles and faded spots. I read in most forums that it's common for Honda cars to have that eventually because of the silicone fillings they use on their car roofs. We will also have the dents in the front to be repaired. At least, those are just the things it needs to be taken care of. I'm sure that we have no problems with its timing belt, water pump, and other peripherals. I think that the car served us well and is still the better choice than the ford escort we checked out back then. For now, we'll have to make do with using my husband's SUV for our transportation needs.

March is truly a busy month for me and our pockets, haha! How's your March gonna be?

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