Could it be adolescent acne?

Last night, my husband noticed small rashes on my son's forehead and nose. I looked at the rashes closely and I saw small white spots at the center. Could it be adolescent acne? :(

I did not have pimples until I was thirteen. I was also lucky that I didn't have nasty acne breakouts. My pimples then were few small ones that can almost pass as bungang araw. My husband, on the other hand, shared that he had problems with acne during his teens. I'm guessing that our son inherited his oily troublesome adolescent skin, hehehe.

So last night, I asked my son to wash his face with my facial cleanser. I am sure it's the milder choice compared to having him wash his face with Safeguard. I'm going to bring him to his doctor over the weekend to seek medical advise before buying any acne medication. Hmmm... I suddenly remember seeing my mom use phisoderm before for her pimples. Still, I have to be sure that it's safe for adolescent skin.

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